Hotdrop Apparel was founded in 2011 by Meredith and Marco Evangelisti, after Meredith received an overwhelming response to her custom-made yoga clothing at her Bikram Yoga teacher training by fellow trainees. Meredith and Marco Evangelisti credit Meredith’s professional roller skating career to the success of Hotdrop Apparel. It was Meredith’s mother that used the fabric from her costumes to create enough outfits for Meredith to always look fashionable during her extensive 9 week Bikram Yoga certification. As other trainees started to inquire about where they could buy the clothing, Meredith’s entrepreneurial spirit took over and she began to sketch more and more designs to keep her fellow yogis well outfitted.

Hotdrop Apparel takes pride in the quality of fabric and workmanship that goes into each piece. All fabrics are selected by Meredith and Marco, and both custom solids and prints start as a white fabric and are then dyed and printed to exact specification. This allows for a true match when wearing two pieces of the collection; additionally, each print is designed in house to align with fashion trends and to exude the brand’s upbeat, positive energy.

Every article of clothing from the Hotdrop line demonstrates appreciation and admiration to those within the industry as each item is named after someone in the yoga and fitness community that has inspired the Hotdrop team. Additionally, Meredith and Marco strongly believe in giving back to the Yoga and fitness community. They are dedicated to having ongoing sponsorships with national athletes, fitness models and yoga champions.

Meredith Evangelisti

Meredith never could have foreseen that her life as a competitive roller skater would lead her to become Co-Founder of Hotdrop Apparel. Meredith grew up in a small town outside Boston. After earning a degree from UMass and working in the computer industry, she followed her ambitions to create her own company.

After founding a successful nail salon, Meredith was offered a position at Proctor and Gamble in the professional beauty division. Throughout her fast paced seven years with P&G, she balanced her busy work life with the her practice of Bikram Yoga. Not only was Bikram beneficial for her mental health, but it also eliminated the excessive trips to the chiropractor, to alleviate her chronic back pain from skating injuries. In 2009, Meredith decided to make Bikram Yoga the focus of her career and became a registered yoga teacher. She has been teaching at Bikram Yoga Boston ever since.

Both the creation of the Hotdrop line and the notoriety of her Bikram instruction has made Meredith a sought after teacher both in the U.S. and internationally.

Marco Evangelisti

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Marco achieved success from an early age as a hair stylist in his native country before venturing across the Atlantic to Boston. After founding two salons with numerous accolades, he then broadened his professional portfolio by bringing a piece of Rome to the United States; with his best friend and business partner, he created Pietra Viva, an interior design sensation specializing in the ancient art
of Venetian Plaster. His passion for a challenge didn’t stop there.

In 2010, together with his wife Meredith, he saw a business opportunity in the textile industry, specializing in yoga clothing. Less than one year later, Meredith and Marco launched Hotdrop Apparel. Marco is the photographer for the brand, using his eye for beauty and art in all the Hotdrop photo shoots and marketing campaigns.